CXFS 2018

July 10-July 12, 2018

Westin Copley Place, Boston MA


Dan Roan

Service Design Product Analyst
Mr. Roan, a service designer and product owner at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, has 10 years of experience working at the intersection of user research, strategy consulting, and policy development for clients in both the public and private sectors. His blend of user-centered design skills and agile project management approach enable his clients to determine their users’ needs, design offerings around those needs, and successfully launch products and services, often in constrained or regulated environments.

10:20 AM REGULATOR GUEST SPEAKER From Discovery to Prototyping: Best Practices for Instituting Design Thinking

The methodology of design thinking allows companies to put cx at the heart of their company by using what they know about their customers to design products that make the most sense for them. This method begins customer feedback, involves rounds of customer testing and ultimately is made to customer preference. Join this session with two regulators from the CFPB, who will not only be updating us on their consumer complaints platform, but will be telling us how they redesigned it using customer data. • How do you get started? Who are the right people to get involved with design thinking? • What are the steps to take in the process of design thinking? • How do you keep the momentum of design thinking going considering the cross-departmental coordination it involves?
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