Next Gen CX for Financial Services

July 17-July 19, 2017

Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel, Boston, MA


Fanette Singer

Senior Vice President of Marketing
Country Financial

Day Three: Planning for Your Customer’s Future Needs

09:45 AM CASE STUDY REMIX: Keep it Up! Maintaining Momentum for Your CX Projects

Its one thing to do a few cx projects every couple of months, like mapping the customer journey or doing company wide cx training. It’s quite another thing to put a long lasting cx strategy in place that completes projects often and has a continued focus on revisiting projects that have already been done to see if they are still effective. Keeping up your momentum is the key to success when it comes to making cx the center of your company, rather than just a buzzword. Join this session to hear more about:

• Once you’ve put CX strategies into place, or completed a CX project, how do you enforce it’s continued effectiveness?
• How do you avoid becoming simply a company cheerleader?
• Does this involve starting with c-suite approval, or can a grassroots CX organization keep momentum going?
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