Next Gen CX for Financial Services

July 17-July 19, 2017

Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel, Boston, MA


John Stillman

Social Media Operations Manager
John Stillman is part of BECU’s Experience Design Team, comprised of Design professionals and Insights Analysts focused on listening to member feedback and advocating changes that enhance member experiences. John (a.k.a. #JohnBECU) is responsible for monitoring and responding to all incoming comments and questions on BECU’s social community, and over the past few years, has become the face and ‘voice’ of social response for BECU members and across the largest Credit Union in Washington State. As the “Social Media Guy”, John partners daily with business units in the organization to ensure that accurate information is shared to the community and reports back to business units so the Credit Union is aware of key trends. John originally hails from the Golden State of California, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art and currently lives in Spokane Washington.

Day Two: Establishing A Governance Around CX

14:50 PM PANEL REMIX: Frontline Training: Getting Buy-in from the Face of Your Customer Experience Efforts

• Enable your employees in frontline with tools to be focused on CX
• Identify leaders in CX across the organization (call center, in-store, complaints department) and reward them for their efforts
• Providing mentorship and coaching for employees to continually ensure their commitment to your CX efforts