Next Gen CX for Financial Services

July 17-July 19, 2017

Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel, Boston, MA


Margot Dear

Senior Director, User Experience, Added Value Services
Margot Dear is a qualified User Experience Director with 18 years’ experience in branding, strategy and user centered design methodologies. Her experience has ranged from start-ups to publishing and software application development. Over the years, Margot has worked and lived in Canada, the UK and California working at companies including Complinet Thomson Reuters, LexisNexis, Citrix and ADP as a UX professional. Margot is actively involved in the UX community mentoring students at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, University College London and the Pasadena Art Center College of Design.

Day One: Achieving a Holistic View of Your Customer

2:00 PM Workshop B: Lean, Agile, Flexible: How Your Legacy Brand Can Apply Startup Principles

It’s not always easy for large and established companies to move quickly, despite the
threats from newer and more agile startup brands. But, if legacy brands can’t learn
how to keep up with the times, they will be left behind. Join Margot Dear from ADP
as she walks the audience through the following points:

• How are companies applying lean start up best practices to their product ideation?
• Looking at the ways that legacy brands are by-passing one to two year product development cycles for shorter prototyping sprints
• How institutions can be using innovation labs to bring customer insight into these agile product development cycles
• Potential drawbacks and challenges that present themselves when larger unwieldy companies try to operate this way

Day Three: Planning for Your Customer’s Future Needs

09:20 AM KEYNOTE: But, We Promise We’re Cutting Edge! Attracting Brilliant UX/CX Talent to the Financial Services Industry

Finance isn’t exactly a sexy industry. So when looking for the cream of the crop UX or CX talent, who might be partial to the unencumbered industry sector that is retail, financial services needs to try hard to attract these people with things like innovation labs and cx councils, that help newcomers to understand your commitment to customer experience and innovation. This session will discuss:

• Putting together an ideal candidate profile based on your customer experience goals and brand story
• How to appeal to top UX and CX talent who are used to working within a more open environment
• Competing against other financial services companies to get this talent once they’ve decided to move into to FS
• Coming up with innovation labs or other unique selling points to attract the brilliant talent
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