Next Gen CX for Financial Services

July 17-July 19, 2017

Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel, Boston, MA


Shawn Thomas

Senior Service Experience And Client Experience Vice President
City National Bank

Day Two: Establishing A Governance Around CX

11:30 AM Case Study Using A Sense of Urgency to Overcome A Staid Culture

There has never been a time when retail banks needed to differentiate themselves from incredibly stiff competition more than today. Over the past 5 years in particular, banking has become highly competitive – whereas traditionally people would choose a bank for life, banks have become experts in making it as easy as possible for consumers to switch (e.g. by paying any associated fees levied by the previous bank). There are also many small agile companies that just solve one piece of the banking puzzle that are coming in the industry to take interactions away from banks (think TransferWise). Every person that uses transferwise to transfer money instead of their bank, costs their bank that transfer fee. And customers are expecting their bank to be as effortless for them to interact with as their interactions with Amazon. How do you use these truths to put a bit of fire under the feet of your more stalwart colleagues? Join this session to hear:

• How to inspire your company to move customer experience to the center of every decision using urgency
• Understanding that change starts from the top and executives must be on board for this transition for it to stick
• Discuss how cross functional teams better serve customers by working together
• Re-evaluating your mission statement to make sure customers are at the center