Next Gen CX for Financial Services

July 17 - 19, 2017

Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel, Boston, MA


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Reports & StudiesReports & Studies

  • 3 Key Findings on CX Optimization in Financial Services 20163 Key Findings on CX Optimization in Financial Services 2016
    Containing fresh research on the priorities of CX executives in the financial services, this new benchmark report from CXFS and OpinionLab covers the major challenges and opportunities facing the CX community, as well as the order of priority with which they are tackling new projects. 

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  • The CXFS 2016 Benchmark ReportThe CXFS 2016 Benchmark Report
    Check out this benchmark report from WBR and CXFS. Customer expectations are continuing to rise. CX professionals will have to up their game, and this report will offer strategies on how to do just that.

    Key Findings Include: 

    • Financial services have awoken to the critical nature of customer experience, and are making strides in integrating them into organizational KPIs.
    • The ease with which mobile can be accessed at almost any time has made it into one of the most important channels to master in order to create a leading edge approach to experience.
    • Social media is a powerful force, and financial services firms require a proactive approach to developing the channel lest their customers define it for them.

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  • The DirectorThe Director's Report
    Financial services companies are placing new emphasis on providing customers with the best possible experiences.

    The Director's Report will explore some of the major forces driving customer experience initiatives for financial firms and preview how the upcoming Customer Experience for Financial Services (CXFS) event will help financial executives from across the country answer their most burning CX questions.

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  • CXFS Innovation BriefingCXFS Innovation Briefing
    The maturity levels of CX practices across the financial services industry are varied. The average bank, insurance company, and wealth management center have been building up legacy systems and siloes that CX executives are challenged to work across. 

    Read on to learn more about some of the important innovations in 2016 and 2017.

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  • Mobile Banking Consumer ReportMobile Banking Consumer Report
    Digital capabilities have revolutionized how people manage their money. Mobile banking apps in particular have given customers the power to access their accounts whenever and wherever they like, bringing banks and consumers closer together than ever before. As a result, financial institutions are investing heavily in the development of world-class digital applications and experiences. This paper will explore consumer adoption of mobile banking services and gauge consumers’ perspective on central issues like security and user experience.
  • 2016 Director2016 Director's Report
    Top brands across all industries today now realize that the key to differentiating themselves from the competition is by providing their customers with a flawless experience. A customer’s experience with a brand includes the customer's attraction, awareness, discovery, cultivation, advocacy, purchase, and use of a service. Given the array of touch-points available for the modern consumer to interact with a brand, companies are spending more dollars than ever on CX people, processes and systems.
  • CXFS Mobile Banking Benchmark StudyCXFS Mobile Banking Benchmark Study
    In 2016, mobile continues to permeate into the daily life of the average consumer. Technologies for mobile payments are gaining in profile and traction, especially among banking customers looking for a quick and convenient way to check their balances and perform basic activities on a daily or weekly basis. With the ease and convenience offered by mobile, it’s no surprise that many bank customers are enticed by the ability to remotely interact with their banks of choice.
  • Attendee ListAttendee List

    CXFS brings together more than 200 senior-level financial services customer experience and marketing professionals from across the country. Past participants include Wells Fargo Advisors, Greystone & Co, Movenbank, MasterCard International, Nationwide, Transamerica, TIAA-CREFF, Simple, Citizens Bank, and many more.