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July 17 - 19, 2017

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The CXFS 2016 Benchmark Report

The CXFS 2016 Benchmark ReportThe CXFS 2016 Benchmark Report
Check out this benchmark report from WBR and CXFS. Customer expectations are continuing to rise. CX professionals will have to up their game, and this report will offer strategies on how to do just that.

Key Findings Include: 

  • Financial services have awoken to the critical nature of customer experience, and are making strides in integrating them into organizational KPIs.
  • The ease with which mobile can be accessed at almost any time has made it into one of the most important channels to master in order to create a leading edge approach to experience.
  • Social media is a powerful force, and financial services firms require a proactive approach to developing the channel lest their customers define it for them.

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Executive Summary 
Financial services companies have made giant strides in serving customers in their preferred channels. Even despite regulatory and compliance requirements, CX professionals deserve a great deal of credit for adapting to meet the needs of customers and for being champions of customer service within their organizations. 

However, the pace of change, from the growth in mobile phone ownership to social media’s impact on people’s lives, is shining light on weaknesses in a financial services company’s ability to provide positive experiences to their customers. In our latest report, research findings point out that CX tools of the trade need to be expanded to curry favor internally, mobile can’t be ignored and social media could either be a threat or an opportunity depending on how you look at it. 

Whether it’s new competitors or new technologies, customer expectations will continue to rise. CX professionals will have to up their game, and this report will offer strategies on how to do just that.

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