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Customer Experience for Financial Services (CXFS) is where America's most innovative financial services customer experience professionals meet and learn.

2018 Topics Included

NGCX, our annual flagship event, focuses on CX across industries. CXFS is different because it focuses on the CX challenges posed specifically to financial services institutions.

Understanding Who Your Customer Is Across Siloed Product Lines

A siloed company is an unhappy company. Your customer doesn’t think in siloes, so setting up each channel to work separately from one another can often lead to a disjointed experience. Join this session to hear more about how you can pinpoint the internal departments you need to collaborate with, instill the importance of customer experience across the organization with trainings and CX advocates, and more.

  • Mark McMahill, Sr. Director, UX Design, AXA US
  • Andrea Plant, VP of Process Improvement, First Citizens Bank
  • Taseneem Hajara, Senior Director, Head of Digital Retail & Advice Channel Technology, TIAA
  • Mona Jantzi, Managing Director, Strategic Analytics and Customer Experience, Barclaycard

We Can Listen, Learn and Adapt, But Can We Predict?

Given the staggering amount of data being collected from your customers, there should be something you can do to take that data and turn it into strategic prescriptive plans that will streamline the customer experience without the customer even knowing. Rather than just constantly reacting to complaints from your customers, this session will discuss how you can be moving from lagging indicators to leading indicators

  • Dan Womback, Head of Insights, Aflac
  • Tosin Odesanya, Head of Digital Self-Servicing, Citi
  • Jill Hart, Digital Voice of the Customer Lead, TD Bank
  • David Wall, Senior Web Analytics Lead, Center of Excellence, Voya Financial

Promises, Promises: Picking the Right CX Vendor Based On What You Actually Need

In this session, you'll learn what is truly needed from a CX, survey or voice platform. You'll also learn how to determine whether your organization is set up to use new tech properly and with the right internal support.

  • Richard Charette, Associate Vice President, Digital Experience Design, WF Virtual Channels, Wells Fargo

If they call it AI, they’re lying - Financial Services, Customer Experience, and Artificial Intelligence

Don’t believe the hype; there is no one thing called AI, and no one product that is going to magically transform how financial services reach their audiences, or help customers perform tasks. Instead, it’s a series of technologies and capabilities that can be a huge asset or devastating liability for product managers and CX designers and strategists in our field. Using case studies, live deployments, and lessons learned through enterprise and academic research, this talk will explore how Financial Services brands have begun to explore AI first experiences, ranging from scrappy Fintech startups to well established brands in the space.

  • Evan Gerber, VP of Cognitive Design, Fidelity Investments

Creating Human Experiences to Win in the Digital Lending World

In a world where face to face interactions are becoming less frequent and digital is becoming the preferred means of transacting, how do companies deliver digital experiences that build relationships and trust with their customers? In this presentation, you'll learn the steps Best Egg took to re-orient their business to be customer-centric using research, creating personas and journey mapping. You'll also learn their approach to big data and how they create a 360 degree view of their customers.

  • Sabrina Basht, Chief Strategy Officer, Marlette Funding

The CXFS Community

CXFS brings together senior financial services professionals responsible for retail banking technology, experience, and strategy. As CXFS expands, we carefully curate our sessions and sponsors to maximize the time needed for new ideas and relationships to form at our event.


2018 Speakers Included

Deborah Cornwell

Deborah Cornwell

Executive Director, Senior Experience Owner for Property Insurance


Tosin Odesanya

Head of Digital Self-Servicing

Sabrina Basht

Sabrina Basht

Chief Strategy Officer
Marlette Funding

Martin Lange

Martin Lange

Global Head of Marketing Innovation, Investment Services
BNY Mellon

Lori Garcia

Lori Garcia

Vice President of Member Experience
SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union

JIll Costa

Jill Costa

VP of Customer Experience
US Bank

Evan Gerber

Evan Gerber

VP Cognitive Design

Sara Jeruss

Sara Jeruss

Chief Product Officer

Tasneem Hajara

Taseneem Hajara

Senior Director, Head of Digital Retail & Advice Channel Technology


Manan Singh

VP of Optimization

Marco Leon

Marco Leon

Director, Digital Experience

Mark McMahill

Mark McMahill

Sr. Director, UX Design

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