What is CXFS?

It's 2019, and consumer expectations toward customer experience in financial services are at an all time high. Business as usual is gone. But what's next in 2019 and beyond?

Find out at CXFS, the conference that prepares senior financial service executives in CX, operations, and technology to lead their companies into the future.

Inspiring 2019 Speakers Included

2019 Topics Included

NGCX, our annual flagship event, focuses on CX across industries. CXFS is different because it focuses on the CX challenges posed specifically to financial services institutions.

Following Through On Your Client Experience Transformation

Organizational transformation is cumbersome; few people have committed to it and driven it through. There’s a dramatic amount of change management, employee experience, and work culture to consider. In this keynote, Martin will discuss

  • How BNY Mellon is driving an organizational transformation
  • The mix between what you change at an organizational level to drive initiatives to make specific and actionable

Martin Lange, Director, Client Experience Strategy,, BNY Mellon

Dan Kramer, EVP, Head of Client Experience, Asset Servicing, BNY Mellon

Case Study: Turning Pain Into Joy Or "No way, You Can Do That?!" A CX Case Study On Human-Centered Design, Empathy And Exceeding Customer Expectations

The Challenge
The experience related to debit or credit cards that are lost or stolen can be an emotionally charged moment that truly matters for customers and companies. To improve the experience, we needed to understand what it was like to lose your card or have it stolen and the steps a customer takes to get back to normal. We needed to answer the questions around how they navigated challenges that exist during a lost or stolen card event. Most importantly, how can we restore normalcy as quickly as possible?

The Solution
Through qualitative research, synthesis, journey mapping, concepting, and concept evaluation, the experience design team was able to uncover key insights that informed new concepts to not only ensure we take care of customers during a lost and stolen card event but exceed their expectations resulting in exhilarating customer feedback supporting the strategy to deliver delightful customer experience.

Jarrod Joplin, SVP, Experience Design, Bank of America

Case Study: Designing For Ecosystems

Design in the digital world is increasingly about service experiences that customers engage with across a range of devices and touchpoints – physical & digital. In financial services, there is also an increasing interoperability across brands – supported by the disruptive innovation and connectivity across organizations driven by APIs. This session will share Mastercard’s learnings from connecting consumers, merchants, digital players and financial institutions in unique ways at global scale.

Karen Pascoe, SVP, Experience Design, MasterCard

Case Study REMIX: Deconstructing Client Loyalty to the Core Drivers

Enterprise metrics like Net Promotor Score (NPS) or Customer Effort Score (CES) are exceptional at showing progress over time and communicating across the organization, but how do you truly identify the actionable opportunities to impact those metrics. Charles Schwab has leveraged qualitative and quantitative analytics to break loyalty down to the business drivers that help them prioritize opportunities to continue to “win” on client experience. During this case study, the audience will learn how Schwab tackled the challenge to transform their analytics approach into business action.

Sean Albertson, Managing Director, Client Loyalty, Charles Schwab

Panel: Enhancing Your VOC Program To Ensure Your Customer Are Being Heard

The changes you make to your customers experience are only as good as the insights you receive from them. And you only receive good insights if you are truly listening to everything their saying. This can often involve a whole team of VoC masters who know what listening posts to be pulling insights from and how valid the insights are that they pull from those posts. Learn from these panelists:

  • Sonal T. Bullard, SVP, Director of Client & Advisor Experience, SunTrust Private Wealth
  • Andrea Plant, VP, Sales and Customer Experience Strategy, First Citizens Bank
  • Tammy Gedetsis, VP, Senior Commercial Digital Product Manager, Key Bank
  • Natalie Higgins, SVP, Director of Customer Experience, Citizens Bank
  • Kevin O’Dell, CTO, Stratifyd
  • Omari Jahi Aarons, Director, CX Employee Enablement Strategy, Liberty Mutual Insurance New

The CXFS Community

CXFS brings together senior financial services professionals responsible for retail banking technology, experience, and strategy. As CXFS expands, we carefully curate our sessions and sponsors to maximize the time needed for new ideas and relationships to form at our event.


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"A truly effortless experience with regards to understanding insights from the industry."

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