CXFS 2020

July 21 - 23, 2020

Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel, Boston MA

Put Your Brand in the Spotlight at Next Gen CX for Financial Services.
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We have a team that's focused on bringing you the highest quality audience. The decision makers and strategy implementers – that’s who you come to meet.

Build relationships onsite. Generate new leads and engage your sales team with over 200 CX executives at your booth, sessions, roundtables and more.

Host your own private receptions, one-on-one meetings, cocktail parties and advance leads by demonstrating solutions face-to-face!

CX – A Cross-Departmental Responsibility

The CX arms race is on – but who’s calling the shots?

The short answer is everyone. Why? Because, when it comes to building a winning customer experience program, every single employee has a stake – from those on the shop floor, right up to the chiefs in the boardroom.

However, while companies have always understood that customers have value, it’s only been over the past five to ten years that companies have started to fully appreciate the value of customer engagement, journeys, and experiences as key competitive differentiators.

As such, while few organizations have yet to appoint what might be called a Chief Experience Officer or Chief Customer Officer, that doesn’t mean they are ignoring the importance of CX. In fact, according to our 2018 NGCX Benchmark Study, 70% of organizations have been focusing on CX for over three years, and 72% have a dedicated CX group.


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Metrics such as satisfaction, loyalty, and retention now hinge on a brand’s ability to develop a real connection with customers. For millennials in particular, more and more of these connections are taking place through digital touchpoints – though of course, physical locations are just as important as ever.

As such, brands must ensure that their CX strategies extend across the full breadth of online and offline channels available to them, with fully-coordinated personalization uniting experiences throughout.

Naturally, given the cross-departmental nature of these initiatives, CX is the responsibility of everyone – from staff on the shop floor to those in customer service, marketing, sales, web, IT, finance, and more. In fact, it’s hard to find anyone in an organization who doesn’t have a direct impact on customer experience, and therefore anyone who isn’t influential in driving CX success.

Customer experience is becoming the essential lifeblood of the business – and it must flow through all departments and all employees at all levels. Marketing, sales, customer service, IT, finance – everyone has a stake, and all are crucial in shaping CX change.

Who will you meet?

The industry’s largest financial institutions with budgets to invest; including (but not limited to) Retail Banks, Insurance & Investment Companies, and even Credit Unions. 


“It's hands-down the best event focusing on the customer. The level of participation from innovators who are all dedicated to improving customer experience fuels more innovation and creativity."

Fred Brown, Founder & CEO, Next IT