CXFS 2021


Success Story Guneet Singh

My CXFS Story
By Guneet Singh:


Guneet's Story At a Glance

First Year Attended: 2015

How He’s Participated: Attendee

CXFS Highlights: The presenters, the conversations and the lessons learned – Guneet was excited to bring home some strategies that he could implement at ADP straightaway!

'The conference was recommended by a colleague….and I’m so glad he coaxed me into it!'

I have an extensive background in customer experience solutions – prior to ADP, I was in a consultant position where I would analyze data and use the information gleaned to drive customer experience strategies. But ADP, being a financial entity, had its own unique challenges when it came to developing and implementing CX strategies. I was looking for a forum where I could meet and network with others in the industry….and then Avis, my colleague, told me that he was going to be speaking at a CX event focused on the financial industry and that I should consider joining him.

After doing my own research on the topics and speakers, I made the decision to attend….CXFS did not disappoint!

'So much to learn…so much to do!'

What most impressed me about this event were the speakers! I heard from peers in the financial industry AND the solutions industry. Everyone participating was eager to share insights, engage in meaningful discussions and really figure out how best to create a ‘wow!’ experience for the customer.

I took away some really good nuggets of information from Greg Corrin (Regions Financial Corporation), and Simon Matthews (Extractable). Their presentations helped me with…

…How to get customers engaged in a digital experience?

…How to create a personalized online experience for over 6000 customers?

Once I was back in the office, I was quick to present my notes to our team. We went back to the drawing room, brainstormed some more and now I’m happy to report that we have implemented a lot of these findings from the event….Not all because there’s still more to come!

'ADP will be participating at CXFS again in 2016 – of course!'

It’s important for us to be part of the ongoing conversation at CXFS because it’s exactly the kind of platform we need to learn, discuss and strategize. Unfortunately, my presence is needed elsewhere but Avis, my colleague, is speaking again this year. I’ll be waiting for him at the office, impatient to hear about all the information he brings back!

“A truly effortless experience with regards to understanding insights from the industry.” Guneet Singh, Sr. Director Business Transformation

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