CXFS 2021


Success Story Michael Lowry

My CXFS Story by Michael Lowry:

‘CXFS is the only event you need to attend to keep a pulse on the CX discussion in the finance industry’

Michael Lowry
Design Director
Fidelity Investments

Michael’s eTail Story At a Glance

First Year Attended: 2016

How He’s Participated: Speaker & Attendee

CXFS Highlights: It was an eye-opening event for me – the CX discussion is still in it’s infancy and there’s so much potential to learn from each other.

‘The conference gave me a whole new perspective on CX’

I was looped in to speak at the event because my colleague could not make it. But I’m glad I got to be part of it because it gave me a whole new appreciation on the challenges faced in CX. My background is in User Experience and, while I do have a fascination for the CX side of things, I was not exposed to it as much.

From all the discussions, presentations and chats with speakers, I realize that the CX component is still very much in its nascent stages for the majority of the financial industry. There needs to be a collective understanding of what CX is and how it should be measured. I don’t think I would have gained this insight if I hadn’t attended CXFS.

‘How do you translate knowledge to action – that’s where I come in!’

At Fidelity, we’ve spent years talking about CX strategies and experimenting with implementation. I came to the conference ready to share what we had learned from overcoming the challenges we had faced. In exchange, it felt good knowing that Fidelity was right in investing in CX that long ago. Again, this is something I would not have known had I not come to an event like CXFS where I could share and compare our own standing with others in the industry.

The presentation that really stuck with me was the one given by Tilak Joshi (American Express) on how to align the CX vision across all departments within a company. Without a unified vision, your CX strategy will fail – it’s a challenge that we face as well so it’s nice to be able to take back notes to the team.

‘I was happy to see there was an app for the event!’

Being on the User Experience side of things, I was really happy to see the event organizers had an app for the conference. It made things easier when it came to networking, engaging with other attendees and sharing notes.