CXFS 2021


Success Story Nicolas Petraglia

My CXFS Story by Nicolas Petraglia:

“I came back from this conference and went back to redefining my strategy goals for 2016.”

Nicolas Petraglia
Sr Manager, Social Media
Scotia Bank

Nicolas' CXFS Story At a Glance

First Year Attended: 2016

How He’s Participated: Speaker & Attendee

CXFS Highlights: I have adopted this mantra I learned at the conference – Embrace Disruption. Unleash Digital. – as my own.

‘A 3-day knowledge exchange’

This was my first time participating at the conference. Liz (producer for the event) got in touch with me via LinkedIn to participate at the event. Being a one-person team at my company, I was looking forward to spending time with like-minded peers. I was truly overwhelmed by the amount of information shared at the conference. There wasn’t enough space in my notebook to jot down all the ideas. I’m definitely bringing a colleague next year!

‘The conference has redefined my 2016 strategy’

I have a whole list of mantras that are actually quotes from speakers at the conference. There were more than a few presentations that made an impression on me –

  • Joan Pepper’s (CX Consultant) presentation on cost effective ways to further CX initiatives.
  • Karen Pascoe’s (MasterCard) presentation on Customer Centricity
  • Monica Pierce’s (Bank of America) presentation on organization transformation

These are just some of the presentations that have really pushed me to start thinking about:

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Customer satisfaction in comparison to the industry and cross industry
  • The concept of disruption leading to innovation

‘The CX conversation must continue in 2017 – and I’ll be back at CXFS to be part of it!’

There is a lot of growth within the industry where customer experience is concerned. The discussion on challenges, strategies and implementation will continue at CXFS in 2017… so I’ll be back with my notebook!