Next Gen CX for Financial Services

July 17 - 19, 2017

Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel, Boston, MA


 Deborah Cornwell
Deborah Cornwell Executive Director, Senior Experience Owner USAA
Deborah is the Program Director for Employee Experience at USAA. She leads a diverse team, across a multitude of disciplines and methodologies, to develop beautiful end to end Employee Experiences. Deborah and her team utilize employee feedback and user-centered design methodologies to help shape project efforts and collaborate across USAA. She partners closely with stakeholders at all levels across the enterprise to ensure employees have the opportunity to be at their best, for each other, for their families and, ultimately, for USAA members. This includes work across multiple employee areas such as Career Development, Rewards & Benefits, Feedback & Coaching, Flexibility, and Systems & Tools.

During Deborah’s fifteen years experience in Financial Services, she has worked on a wide variety of efforts, ranging from Operations and Product Management, to Diversity & Inclusion, as well as Program/Project Management. She also has extensive expertise in Strategic Business Transformations, leading cross-functional teams to the development and execution of strategic roadmaps requiring integration across multiple lines of business and staff agencies. In 2015, she launched USAA’s first gender diversity business group, Elevate, designed to create inclusive opportunities and improve business results through enhanced diversity of thought.

Deborah holds a B.S. in Business Administration, as well as an M.B.A. from University of Phoenix. She is an avid world traveler and takes off from San Antonio, TX where she resides with her family.

Day One: Achieving a Holistic View of Your Customer

10:00 AM Panel REMIX: But That’s MY Job! Navigating Corporate Politics to Streamline the Customer Experience

When you begin the process of instituting a customer first mindset into a company and cx starts to become a major factor in the day to day operations of your business, more often than not certain data owners or process owners get territorial of the information they have. What can you do to make sure people understand the importance of cross departmental transparency?

•    Discuss ideas for integrating customer data from multiple sources
•    How to get critical customer feedback to the appropriate teams within the organization
•    How to get the rest of your company to act on customer feedback and make measurable changes to the customer experience

Day Two: Establishing A Governance Around CX

2:50 PM PANEL REMIX: Frontline Training: Getting Buy-in from the Face of Your Customer Experience Efforts

•    Enable your employees in frontline with tools to be focused on CX
•    Identify leaders in CX across the organization (call center, in-store, complaints department) and reward them for their efforts
•    Providing mentorship and coaching for employees to continually ensure their commitment to your CX efforts