Next Gen CX for Financial Services

July 17-July 19, 2017

Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel, Boston, MA


Natalie Higgins

Senior Consumer Finance and Customer Experience Vice President
Citizens Bank

Day Two: Establishing A Governance Around CX

09:25 AM Panel REMIX Organize It: Fully Operationalizing CX Within Your Institution

While it may be easy to get some level of c-suite advocacy, convincing your whole company to get onboard for your CX mission might be a bit more involved. While CX should be something that is every department’s responsibility, if there is no central body that oversees communications between the different silo-ed departments that work on cx (like an enterprise wide CX team, or a CX council or advisory board), it will be hard to achieve a holistic view of the customer and streamline brand experience and your mission might not be as effective. Join this session to hear about how to be operationalizing this concept within your institution. Panelists will discuss:

• How to demonstrate the connection between cx and business outcomes
• Methods for encouraging true behavior change vs. just paying lip service to the idea of cx
• Deciding where CX should sit within your organization (centralized or de-centralized) and what level of control you should have over design, marketing and customer service
• Foster continued support by showing a clear connection between CX improvements and business results

14:50 PM CASE STUDY: Personal Financial Advocacy: How to Design Financial Products to Best Serve Your Customers

• Consumers are overwhelmed and paralyzed by choice and the billions of dollars financial institutions spend to get them to behave in the institutions’ and not their own. Consumers need their own advocate. They want transparency, simplicity and advocacy.
• AI and data science can now do just that and represent one of the biggest trends in consumer finance. Companies like Paribus, acquired by Capital One, have given consumers the benefit of AI and data science in parts of their financial lives.
• To allow consumers to benefit from AI and data science, companies must be very thoughtful about how they share insights with consumers. Behavioral science has matured to a point where it helps greatly here.
• While artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data science give companies the ability to create not just a personalized experience for consumers, behavioral science allows us to present the insights in a meaningful way that consumers will action.

15:15 PM CASE STUDY: The Operations Colleague Survey: How Citizens Bank Created an Internal Checks and Balances System