CXFS 2018

July 10 - 12, 2018

Westin Copley Place, Boston MA


Stacey Collins

Director, Experience Design and Implementation
Stacey Collins leads BECU’s Experience Design and Implementation team comprised of member experience project management professionals and experience training coaches providing focus, prioritization, execution and accountability for addressing the largest/most impactful experience gaps in an effort to further elevate the value of membership at BECU, the largest Credit Union in Washington State. Working within the boundaries of a heavily regulated industry, Stacey and her team are responsible for driving an “outside-in” mentality and ensuring all programs to address member experiences are aligned and executed successfully to support the delivery of BECU’s brand promise and strategic initiatives across all contact and delivery channels. This includes engaging employees in the CX process using methodology that supports a virtuous cycle of ideation and innovation - incubation, crowdsourcing, assessment and resolution. This idea-stream platform continues to elevate ideas that result in iterative improvements to the things that matter most to our membership. Stacey holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) – and is a proud 12th Man of the Seattle Seahawks.

10:10 AM Panel REMIX Part One Where in the World is Your CX Team? A Look at Centralized Vs. Decentralized CX

Despite the fact that CX should be something that is every department’s responsibility, if there is no central body that oversees communications between the different silo-ed departments that work on cx (like an enterprise wide CX team, or a CX council or advisory board), it will be hard to achieve a holistic view of the customer and streamline brand experience. Many institutions still don’t know who should be in charge and what department CX should sit under, which make undertaking any sort of cross departmental initiative an impossible task. During this session, our group of panelists will discuss:

  • How far along on the maturity curve their organization is in terms of CX
  • Is CX centralized or decentralized?
  • How the function of CX was created and perhaps changed in recent years 
  • If decentralized: 
-What department or line of business is CX housed in? 
-Are advocates or CX team leads across the organization? 
  • If Centralized: 
-Are there is strategic, operational and design functions within the enterprise level CX team? 

9:50 AM Panel REMIX Part One: Are You Even Listening to Me?! Strengthening Your VoC Program to Make Sure Your Customers Are Being Heard

The changes you make to your customers experience are only as good as the insights you receive from them. And you only receive good insights if you are truly listening to everything their saying. This can often involve a whole team of VoC masters who know what listening posts to be pulling insights from and how valid the insights are that they pull from those posts.

  • What should you be listening to, when should you be listening to it and how are you collecting what you hear? 
  • What are other ways to capture customer feedback outside of surveys?
  • How are you leveraging existing resources and sources of feedback before further investment?
  • Is it possible to streamline the constant influx of feedback so that it can be digested and acted upon?
  • Can you easily communicate progress on the most frequent pain points to your whole customer base?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Stacey.

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